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Exam Type & Calculators

Types of Examination Papers

Exam Types

Type A

A “closed book” examination, no aids are permitted other than the information printed on the examination paper.

Type B

A “closed book” examination, special aids or data, as specified at the top of the examination papers, are provided by the examiner for distribution to the candidates by the Registrar of the Faculty.

Type C

A “closed book” examination, a single aid-sheet may be prepared and taken by the candidate to the examination for their personal use only.  This aid-sheet must be on a standard form supplied to the examiner by the Registrar of the Faculty.  Students may enter on both sides of the aid sheet any information they desire, without restriction, except that nothing may be affixed or appended to it.

Type D

Candidates may bring to the examination and use such aids (in the form of printed or written material) as the examiner may specify.  The nature of the permitted aids must be clearly specified at the top of the examination paper, and must be announced to the class by the examiner in advance of the examination.

Type X

An “open book” examination.  The candidate may bring to the examination and use, any books, notes or other printed or written material, without restriction.

Types of Calculators

Permissible calculators must be non-printing, non-communicating, silent and self-powered. The type of calculator permitted will be one of the following, as specified by the professor at the commencement of the course and on the final examination paper.

Type 1: All programmable and non-programmable electronic calculators and pocket computers.
Type 2: All non-programmable electronic calculators.
Type 3:  Calculators from a list of approved calculators as issued by the Faculty Registrar. *
Type 4: No electronic or mechanical computing devices will be permitted.

Examiners should note that if no restrictions are placed on the calculator type (i.e., definition (1)), many students will possess the capability to store a significant amount of text material (e.g., equations, definitions) in their calculators. Therefore, for some courses, a Type 1 calculator may only be compatible with an Type X examination.

*Calculator Type 3: Approved Calculators (other prefixes and suffixes are permitted)

For 100-level courses:

  • Casio FX-99IMS
  • Sharp EL-520X
For 200-, 300-, 400-, 500-level courses:
  • Texas Instruments 30X IIS
  • Casio FX-99IMS
  • Sharp EL-520X

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