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Go Abroad!

An exchange would do you good

What would it be like to take exciting classes while discovering new landscapes and cultures? Have you ever thought about conducting research in Bombay, Paris, Buenos Aires or Hong Kong while completing your degree?

Give yourself an edge. Gain new perspectives. Develop international networks.

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering works with the Centre for International Experience (CIE) to offer students great opportunities to study at more than 150 top-tier institutions in 40 countries.

Most programs are offered in English and you continue to pay your U of T tuition while you are away. CIE can help you find bursaries and scholarships to assist with cost of living and travel expenses.

Students who study abroad show greater gains academically and personally than students who do not — be a part of the global trend and give yourself the opportunity to grow in unexpected ways.

Going abroad is easier than you think.

Go International

U of T students going abroad: build your adventure in just six steps.

While the Student Exchange Program is open to most degree-seeking students at the University of Toronto, ensure you are eligible.

For detailed information, including things to consider, Faculty approval, academic credits and more, visit CIE's page on outbound exchanges.

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