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With a combination of innovative thinking, sound problem solving skills and technical understanding, engineers have been among the most successful entrepreneurs in recent history. Further, the enormous growth of the e-Economy has enabled many young people to be successful earlier than in previous generations.

Entrepreneurs come in many shapes and forms. For instance, several entrepreneurs own their own businesses, allowing them full control over their successes. However, many large and medium-sized corporations are seeking intrapreneurs—entrepreneurial individuals who prefer to work inside a larger firm rather than to start or run their own business. Regardless of what environment an entrepreneur works within, engineers are among the most capable people to be at the forefront, especially during a time when strategic uses of technology in business can make the difference between success and failure.

The development of entrepreneurial talents is addressed by:

  • Departmental Economics course (one of CHE249H1 F, CHE374H1F,  CME368H1S , ECE472H1 F/S, MIE258H1 F, MIE358H1)

and a set of two rigorous courses:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business (APS234H1 F)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management (APS432H1 S)
These courses are different than typical courses; to be accepted, a student has to possess some of the prerequisite personality traits and unique abilities required to become a successful entrepreneur. To assess these traits, prior to being accepted into Entrepreneurship and Small Business (APS234H1F), a short test is offered to those who believe they have the drive and talents to start their own business.

The first of these two courses is available in the Fall semester in any but the first year. The second one is offered in the Winter and can be taken in the same or a later year. The courses are sequential and the first is the prerequisite of the second. Students who successfully complete these courses will be awarded the certificate.

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