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The Engineering Business Minor is a collaborative effort between Engineering and the Rotman School of Management. It is designed specifically for Engineering students interested in learning more about the business dimension of engineeringfrom finance and economics to management and leadership. Courses cover wealth production and creation, accounting, research and development, management, economics and entrepreneurship, all within a global context.

Who can Enrol
With the exception of Engineering Science students enroled in math, statistics or finance options, students from all disciplines are eligible to participate.  You can enroll online using the web form here or print a paper copy of the enrolment form and submit it to the office (PDF).

Students in the Engineering Business Minor must successfully complete of a minimum of six (6) one-semester courses as outlined below.

Mandatory Courses:
1. Departmental Engineering Economics Course
    (CHE249H1 F, CHE374H1 F, CME368H1 F, ECE472H1 F/S, MIE258H1 F, MIE358H1)
2. JRE300H1 F/S - Foundations of Accounting and Finance (CS Elective)
3. JRE410H1 F/S - Markets and Competitive Strategy (CS Elective)
4. JRE420H1 F/S - People Management and Organizational Behaviour (CS Elective)

 Choose two of the following electives:

APS234H1 F - Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CS elective)
APS343H1 F/S - Foundations of Engineering Leadership (CS elective)
APS432H1 S - Entrepreneurship and Business Management (CS elective)
APS442H1 S - Cognitive and Psychological Foundations of Effective Leadership (CS elective)
APS444H1 F - Positive Psychology for Engineers (HSS elective)
APS445H1 F - The Power of Story: Discovering your Leadership Narrative (HSS elective)
APS446H1 F/S - Leadership in Project Management (CS elective)
APS502H1 F - Financial Engineering (Technical elective)
APS510H1 F - Technologies and Organizations in Global Energy Systems (CS elective)
APS420H1 S - Technology, Engineering and Global Development (HSS elective)
CHE488H1S/CIV488H1S/ECE488H1F/MIE488H1F/MSE488H1S - Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers (CS elective)
MIE354H1 F - Business Process Engineering (Industrial technical elective)
ECO100Y1 Y - Introduction to Economics (CS elective)
FOR308H1 F - Wood and it's Role in Societal Devel0pment (HSS elective)
GGR251H1 S - Geography of Innovation (CS elective)
GGR252H1 S - Marketing Geography (CS elective)
HPS283H1 S - The Engineer in History (NOT OFFERED 2016-17)
HPS321H1 F - Understanding Engineering Practice: From Design to Entrepreneurship (HSS elective) 
PHL295H1 F - Business Ethics (HSS elective)
Departmental Thesis course may be counted as one credit (if an H course) or two credits (if a Y course) if the topic is closely related to Engineering Business. This requires the approval of the Director of the Engineering Business Minor.
Effective 2014 Summer Session: GGR 221, New Economic Spaces, is no longer an eligible elective for the Engineering Business Minor. If you took the course prior to the 2014 Summer Session, you may still  count this towards your minor. If the course is taken after this time, it will not count towards the minor.

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