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Remote ECFPC Workstations

The ECFPC Remote Desktop Workstation service is for University of Toronto Undergraduate Engineering Students only.

To use this service from an ECF Linux lab, simply select "ECFPC Remote Workstation" from the Applications -> ECF menu.  When connecting from an ECF Linux workstation, you will be able to print to any of the printers in the ECF Linux labs.

From outside the ECF labs, you may access the service at the following URL:

Select the "Any available workstation" icon to be connected to a free computer.

If you use a Linux computer at home, you will need to make sure the rdesktop and tsclient programs are installed.  If your web browser prompts you to choose a program to open "application/rdp" with, choose "tsclient".  (Alternatively, you may copy the program /local/bin/ecfpc-rd-file from one of the ECF Linux computers to your home Linux computer, and use that program instead of "tsclient.")

The Remote Applications Server is also available through the above URL; click on the icon for the server ("AppServer") to be connected.

You should be careful to save your work frequently when connected to a remote workstation, as your session will be logged off automatically if your connection to the workstation is disconnected.

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